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DOT IT Digital Agency

Dot IT is a new company, which employes experienced staff. Our performances are familiar in a number of countries. For us it is very important with the local Internet environment. Our main activities are websites, logo design, layout design, programming works and web design.

Our Mission

We want to improve the overall appearance and quality on the Internet by introducing the latest technological solutions. The Internet is developing very fast, and we are following up with the latest trends which are reflected in our work. We offer our customers complete creative solutions for the Internet. As well as providing advice in the field of Internet advertising.


We are working as one connected unit, and it helps us to better understand and successfully develop projects. We have great skills in programming and design, creative thinking and we have a great support service.


Every project is unique and we never do two similar projects. Below you can see our different services, but we also develop individual projects outside these services. If you do not know what you need, contact us and we will advice you.


Website development starts with an idea; The idea of ​​the perfect appearance of your company on the web. After we have listened to your wishes, we start the creation of the website. Our target is a fully professional website – a work of art.

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The company’s logo is presented everywhere the company needs to be identified. A stylish name, a unique symbol, a graphic pattern or something else that allows you to identify and brand the company on the website, business cards, advertising campaigns etc.

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We are sure you have heard the letter combination of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Website optimization seekers as Google, Bing and Yahoo! will allow the website to appear in search engines in a great position free of charge. One thing is to develop a website, but it still needs the right coding for the search engines to succesfully read and snap the information that will give you a higher search rank.

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We offer high-class hosting and personal servers. Our goal is to provide excellent customer hosting, high-class support services, for an attractive price.

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If you want to order a website or get an advice,
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